Poster Competition

During the STS Next 20 conference, an undergraduate poster competition was held on Friday the 8th of April in the Geological Lecture Hall at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Elizabeth Guo received the Poster Prize for her work on “Conceiving Conception: The Bioethics of Assisted Reproductive Policy in China”

Cara Sprague received an Honorable Mention for her work on “Dust Off: The Effect of the Vietnam War on the Specialization of Emergency Medicine in America”

Below is the call for applications:

Open to All Harvard College Undergraduates

Most major dilemmas that confront people and governments in contemporary societies demand significant engagement between science, technology and society. Current examples include climate change, stem cells, nuclear power, oil spills, genetically modified foods, genetic enhancement, biofuels, biobanks, geoengineering, cybersecurity, and computer privacy. Do you have a term paper, research project, or thesis on how science, technology and society have interacted around such issues, today or in the past, and the social, cultural or policy problems raised by those interactions?

If your answer is yes, enter our poster contest for a chance to win a modest cash prize or honorable mention, and a featured place on the website of the Program on Science, Technology and Society ( Posters will be judged by a panel of STS experts from Harvard, MIT, and Cornell.