About Perspectives

Perspectives@STS.Next.20 is a space for discussing significant issues related to STS as a field of teaching and training, as well as the interactions of STS with the wider world. We welcome your thoughts on the following sorts of topics:

•    Significant issues affecting careers in STS.
•    Reflective reviews of work in a genre or on a theme of wide interest (e.g., innovation, technology and development, visualization, data storage).
•    Reflections on new works or ideas in other fields that may be of interest to STS scholars.

Preference will be given to works that highlight new opportunities for scholarship and reflection in STS.  Please feel free to propose clustered (3-4) commentaries on a book or issue of special significance for the STS community.

This site is moderated. If you are interested in contributing a Perspective, please contact the site administrators.  To comment on a Perspectives piece, see Get Involved.