About Vignettes

Vignettes@STS.Next.20 invites quick, crisp responses to current events concerning the relationship between science, technology, and society. We specially welcome brief comments (750 words) on the following types of developments:

  • An event in your part of the world that raises questions of theoretical interest for STS.
  • A noteworthy event or resource that may affect STS training and scholarship (e.g., formation of a new program, professional society, or funding institution) relevant to STS; or new resources that facilitate STS research (e.g., a website or archive).
  • An issue that relates to the social responsibility of science or STS.
  • A landmark legal or policy decision that raises STS issues.
  • A book, significant newspaper article, or other publication that may not be widely seen or read unless flagged by a member of the community.

Preference will be given to posts that not only describe an event or issue but explain why it is of concern for STS.

This site is moderated. You are welcome to post comments on any Vignette (please see our comments policy).  If you would like to suggest a Vignette, or write one yourself, please Get Involved.

The Editor of Vignettes@STS.Next.20 is Margo Boenig-Liptsin.  She can be reached at mliptsin@fas.harvard.edu.